Terms and Conditions


This contract is between the owner of xSay2 application program, 90 Piksel Bilgisayar Bilişim Elektronik Taşımacılık Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as "90 PİKSEL") and the user downloading this program by means of his/her computer, laptop or mobile devices.


xSay2 application program is provided to users by "90 PİKSEL". This program is suitable for users who are older than 13 years old. The user can send anonymous messages to individuals registered to the system. This contract constructs authorities and liabilities of contracting parties along with terms of use.


3.1. When the user wants to register to the system, s/he is required to set a username and password. The user is also required to enter a valid electronic mail address into the system. If the electronic mail address entered into the system cannot be used by the user due to any reason, then the user is required to notify a new electronic mail address by entering into the system with his/her username and password.

3.2. The user acknowledges that s/he may receive message regarding any subject. It will not be possible for "90 PİKSEL" to control and block or restrict the content of messages accordingly upon user request.

3.3. Since the message sent are anonymous, the user cannot appeal to "90 PİKSEL" and request to learn the identity of the sender. All requests made by the user to learn the identity of the sender will be declined.

3.4. "90 PİKSEL" will not be legally or criminally responsible due to the messages involving libelous, threatening or other criminal content of the messages sent among users. For this reason, the user accepts in advance that s/he cannot take legal or criminal action against "90 PİKSEL".

3.5. The user IP information and device information will be kept by "90 PİKSEL" and only submitted to law-enforcement officers, courts and other competent authorities when requested. The users accept in advance that their IP information and device information will be submitted to these authorities upon request by legal authorities.

3.6. The user undertakes not to share anything raising insult, threat or any other crime.

3.7. The user cannot request login information belonging to another person. At this point, the user undertakes not to reach login information belonging to another person illegally.

3.8. The user undertakes not to send viruses or other malware codes to other user. If one of the users violate this undertaking, any user suffering a damage due to this transmission/delivery cannot demand compensation from "90 PİKSEL" or make a request under another name.

3.9. If the user damages the system by means of viruses or other malware codes, "90 PİKSEL" may request arising damages from this user.

3.10. The user undertakes not to create multiple personal accounts and share his/her login password with others. If the password is shared with others or lost, the relevant user will be responsible for any arising damages.


4.1. "90 PİKSEL" will not charge a fee due to the use of the program.

4.2. "90 PİKSEL" may suspend the account of the user or cease providing service to the user without stating a reason. The user cannot make any request to this respect from "90 PİKSEL". The user may request to terminate his/her account by sending a message to support@xsay2.com electronic mail address.

4.3. The owner of the program, "90 PİKSEL", has a right to publish advertisement and may use cookies for these advertisements when necessary. The user cannot object to this use.

4.4. IP information and device information will be kept by "90 PİKSEL" and these information can only be submitted to law-enforcement officers, courts and other competent authorities when requested.

4.5. "90 PİKSEL" can unilaterally change the contract terms at any time.


5.1. If a substantial change occurs in the use and processing of the system, the user is informed by "90 PİKSEL" by means of the electronic mail address entered into the system. Power of discretion whether a substantial change has occurred or not fully belongs to "90 PİKSEL". If the user realizes that his/her account has used by another person, s/he reports the situation immediately to support@xsay2.com electronic mail address by means of the electronic mail address s/he registered to the system.

5.2. In accordance with Personel Data Protection Act numbered 6698, personal data shared by the user through the program or other channels can be saved, stored, kept, updated and rearranged for activity and service purposes under the name of "90 PİKSEL" (Data Responsible) within the framework described in Personal Data Protection Act and also disclosed, transferred, shared with third parties or classified and anonymized to the extent which and where applicable legislation permits.

5.3. The purpose of processing personal data by "90 PİKSEL" is to ensure providing more effective and quality service, carrying out advertisement and promotion activities, evaluating the quality of services, making changes and improvements within the scope of provided services providing that user requests are taken into account. Personal data can be collected by "90 PİKSEL" by means of membership form filled out in electronic environment, electronic mail sent to "90 PİKSEL", social media channels and research engines. Individuals and/or institutions to whom personal data can be transferred by "90 PİKSEL" are as follows: partnerships or associated institutions and/or individuals, regulatory and supervisory institutions, domestic or abroad servers by force of information technologies used and the firms providing this server support, domestic or abroad institutions or individuals providing physical server and/or cloud service, and firms processing data, measuring customer satisfaction, providing profiling support and providing service for sales and marketing areas where data processing is required, particularly SMS, mailing and archiving.


6.1. In the case where one of the articles under this contract becomes void for any reason, the validity of the remaining terms shall not be affected.

6.2. If "90 PİKSEL" fully or partially transfer its right on the program to a third party or merges with another business or company, contract terms shall remain the same. In this case, the contractual relationship shall continue under the terms described herein.

6.3. People downloading the program accept the terms mentioned above and the relationship between the service provider and user shall be maintained under these terms. Upon checking "I accept" box, the contractual relationship is established and enters into force. By checking this box, the user accepts the use of his/her personal data.